Adult Daycare Service

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Adult daycare is a planned program of activities designed to promote well-being through social and health-related services. Adult daycare centers operate during daytime hours, Monday through Saturday, in a safe, supportive, cheerful environment. We also serve nutritious meals that accommodate special diets.

An adult day center has two primary intentions:

  • To give older adults the chance to stimulate their mental and social aspects by getting out of their homes
  • To provide caregivers with the much-needed break that they can use for attending to their own personal needs or just getting relaxation and rest

We offer an environment where our elderly can be emotionally and socially uplifted, along with being physically healthy, through the following activities:

  • Exercise Class (Yoga/Line Dance/Table Tennis)
  • Hobby Class (Floral Arrangement/Knitting)
  • Chess/Baduk/Mah-Jong
  • Acupuncture Class
  • Movie Watching
  • Computer Class
  • Drawing Class
  • English Class
  • Essay Class
  • Music Class
  • Bible Class
  • Reading Class

Our Youngs Healthcare Senior Center helps ensure a senior’s well-being by providing breakfast, lunch, snack, senior social activities and health-related services.

Service hours:
Monday – Saturday
8AM to 2PM

For more queries, kindly give us a call at 703-988-2044.